Anthony Vitale was born November 24, 1980 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a city of endless opportunities, Anthony wasted no time in following his dreams of being a deejay. Entering the party scene at a ripe young age, Anthony’s name quickly spread to some of the most important promoters in the city. Anthony was young, but his talents were ageless. His work naturally led him straight into the deejay scene with few obstacles. It was not long before he was playing at “Palladium”, “Tunnel”, “Expo” and “Carbon” (just to name a few) and still being the youngest deejay in the game. By the time Anthony was fifteen he had been playing all over Manhattan. At seventeen Anthony was Deejaying “Limelight” every Friday night. The Limelight party lasted over a year and Anthony had the opportunity to meet some of the best deejays in the business. With his new contacts he was shown the ropes and was given the opportunity to deejay all over the United States. Soon he was playing in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and even got jobs in Cancun for a couple of years. In 2000, Anthony’s talents allowed him to put out a record the “Brooklyn Bomb” which was heard all over radio stations. After that, Anthony began mixing more songs and put out various CD’s that further proved his talents. By 2004 not only was Anthony popular in New York but he also had the opportunity to work in Japan. Anthony was deejaying at “Feria” in Tokyo one of the hottest clubs in Asia. Since then, he has returned to Tokyo every year to deejay and has done parties for “Playford”, “Nitratde” and “Ed Hardy” fashion shows at the biggest clubs in Tokyo. After returning to New York in 2004, inspired by Tokyo fashion, Anthony opened a clothing store in the lower east side of Manhattan called “AS”. His partner, a good friend and also part of the Tokyo deejay scene brought from Japan only the hottest brands of clothing and sneakers for their store. Since December 2004 “AS clothing” has been the newest hot spot in New York, where celebrities have shopped for the hottest Japanese t-shirts and shoes. Nowadays, between flights to Tokyo, Anthony can be seen deejaying Mokai in Miami on Saturday night along with various clubs in Manhattan all the while still managing AS on the side. At twenty-seven years old, with fourteen years of deejaying, recording, promoting and fashion experience under his belt his talents are no secret to the music industry. His dreams may have been fulfilled but Anthony has no intentions of slowing down, “This is just the beginning”-Anthony Vitale.