Lino meoli, born and raised in New York City, has been raised in a musical environement since early childhood. His father was a precursor of House music in mid 80’s and played the best night clubs in New York, Miami and Philadelphia. His grand father was a renowned rock musician who toured the world in the 50’s. Lino has immersed himself in a world of sounds which naturally brought him to mixing music of all kinds. At already 20 years old, this young talent has played alongside or for some of the biggest names in the industry such as Alicia Keys, Blondie, Prince, Mylene Farmer, Lenny Kravitz, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kid Cudi, Marc Jacobs, Dita von Tess, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Philippe Starck, Jamie fox, NTM, Common, Mos def, Swizz beats…His versatility has also brought him to the forefront of paris's club scene. No matter if its a cocktail party or a club venue, Lino will keep it energetically sexy mixing an ultra chic blend of House, Hip-Hop, top40, Rock, R&B, Reggae, 80’s, and electro. In small words he is an eclectic dj. At this moment he is part of a musical group that will be releasing their debut album next fall. Currently based in Paris, Lino can be seen around the world in cities such as Milan, London, Tokyo, Miami or his native land, NY. In small words, Lino is an international DJ. So be aware it’s not the last you heard from him.