DJ Giancarlo, Brooklyn, New York. Introduced to DJ-ing at the age of 15 by his friend and mentor Dj Vitale. “When I saw him scratch. I was like… How are you making those sounds? I wanted to try it, move the record myself, make my own sounds. I guess that’s how it started”. He had his first real taste of the nightlife scene as a teenager when he got the chance to open for Dj Vitale and Dj Riz at NYC’s The Limelight. Literally studying their every move, he learned that there was more to DJ-ing than just playing songs. “Limelight was like school for me. Watching those guys spin is what has inspired me to mix better and scratch faster”. His style, he says “is a direct result of growing up in New York City”, whether it was in the back seat of his brothers car pumping Jay Z or Nas on the way to school, or with his cousin Dj Sinatra buying bootleg white label records at Beatstreet in Brooklyn, trying to get exclusive hip hop songs before they were released. All of these contributing to his unique style an ability to rock parties all over the world. It’s not only the turntables. Giancarlo has been in the entertainment industry his whole life, as an actor and musician since childhood. Playing and working in film, TV shows and commercials, to performing with an orchestra in Carnegie Hall before he was 17. Formally trained in performing arts from grade school. Playing the classical cello at 8 years old. Now you can find him behind the turntables in NYC’s hottest nightclubs like 1 OAK, Tenjune, Marquee, Gold Bar, Juliet, and all the way to Tokyo where he is resident DJ at Japans #1 nightclub Feria Tokyo. Playing for A-list clientele including Jay Z, Kanye West, Diddy, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Black Eyed Peas, Pamela Anderson, Calvin Klein, MLB, FIFA, Donna Karen, IMG, and many more. Currently working with friend and fellow DJ, DJ Sal Morale on 718 Management. Upcoming events include the launch of the new website, a CD release, and international parties in Milan, Paris, Brazil.